The Bullied Double Decker kits are now in production ! order yours today … just send us a email ….only £345- extras are available …motor chassis , flush top deck glazing , etched door handles, route indicators , couplings … please ask .

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AYJAY models Will be at ‘Ally Pally ‘ (part of DCkits & Videos)

We will have the 1st Samples of the ‘Bulleid Double Decker ‘ (4mm) on our stand , we might also have some D.D. kits for sale …and lots of RTR EMUs ,plus our other EMU kits for sale

We look forward in seeing you all .

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BULLIED DOUBLE DECKER pre production samples !

We have been working hard on our NEW super kit , this will be a very high spec detail kit !

Same as our current range except we have decided to add as much detail as possible , The interiors are still under construction , and will be added later in the coming weeks to this website .

As all AYJAY kits , preformed body-shells ( with all detail seen in these pictures added ) unique trailer bogies , preformed and will take 12 mm Hornby wheels , preformed chassis floors with all detail in place . The replica chassis will easily converted to fit , but we are working with Replica Railways to supply a ready to run motorised chassis  ,that will be available  .

Separate detail included in these D.D. kits , Will be , T door handles , flush glazing for all upper deck windows and cab windows , white metal front buffers and internal buffers , guards and drivers grab-handles , front jumper cables , bogie nuts and bolts , lower cab glazing , and full instructions .

Price – Approx  £ 340-  

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We now have 4LAV’s & SECR 4SUB in stock !

Please email for details .

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NEW ! Pictures of the 4LAV ( as built )

‘ 4 LAV kit-3 ‘ 4 LAV kit-2 ‘ 4 LAV kit Untitled design-49nm,‘ 4 LAV kit‘ 4 LAV kit-2

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The 4 LAV’s are about to arrive any day soon ! Here are pics of the samples assembled .

LAV sample 34 LAV sample 24LAV samples 1

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NEWS ….’N’ gauge 4COR finally on their way soon !

This is a sample of the 4COR motor car , we have decided to have these kits manufactured in resin . Above is a 3d printed sample . More news coming soon !

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NEW kit ! 4LAV masters now at the factory waiting to be cast !

These kits will be to our same high standard , Prices £ 310- per 4 car set .

The torpedo vents and the internal buffers will be separate  white metal castings , as will the front jumper pipes below the cab windows .

Flush cab glazing and corridor windows glazing will be available later on .


Some of our range in 4mm is now able to be powered by the REPLICA MOTORISED CHASSIS .

REPLICA is also working on the 313/ 508 range   as well as the NEW 4LAV kits .

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NEW SECR 4SUBs are now ready to order ! £275- per 4car set .

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New southeastern 3/4sub… 1st sample built.

This is a preproduction sample of our Southeastern 3/4sub

The release of this kit has been delayed , due to improvements to the masters . The pictures show one of the sample kits built . ( please note the under frames are only mock ups and are not fully correct for these units .

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